Assignment #2 - Creating a Journal of Historical Characters Using Voice Threads

For assignment #2 we are going to the Cloud….
We will be using a program called Voice Threads to look at the characters from the novel Chains. The first thing I want you to do is select three characters from the story. You might select Isobel, Mr. Robert, and Madame Lockton. You are going to create a brief character sketch for each of these three characters and then using some of the links to the revolutionary war that I have provided you are going to see if you can uncover an actual person who fits or is similar to the position in society, a person who would be a parallel to the character you have selected from the book.

A voice thread is a collection of images combined with narrative to describe the importance of each slide you create. Voice Threads also gives you the ability to share a link to your project, post comments on your project or post comments to a friend’s project.

To learn more about Voice Threads try this link:
You will choose your images. You will record your own voice describing the character and describing the actual person from history that most closely parallels the character you have chosen from the story. You will notice that with Voice Threads you are then able to share a link to your voice thread. When your slides are completed to your satisfaction you will share your link with the rest of the class and you will be assigned two of your classmate’s projects to review and to post comments.

To begin the assignment you must go to Voice Threads and sign up for a free account by clicking here.
Once you have signed up you can explore and watch the tutorials about creating slides and audio for you Voice Thread project.

Your Voice Thread must include:
  • Slide one: Title and introduction of your project. Should include an image the reflects your understanding of the overall theme of the novel.
  • Slide two: An image for your first chosen character. NOTE: This does not need to be a picture of a person. It can be a picture that represents the most important character trait of your person. If you think your character shows great strength you may use an image of a set of weights or a barbell to Represent that characteristic of your character. You will then use narrative from your character’s point of view and describe that character. Give a brief background or describe the conflict that your character is involved in.
  • Slide three: An image of an actual historical figure who most closely parallels the character from the novel. Your narrative should include who this person is and what importance she/he has in relation to the revolutionary war, the novel etc., and why you think he/she is a parallel.
  • Slide four: Will represent your second choice character from the novel with similar narrative to slide two.
  • Slide five: Will be a historical figure to go along with slide four.
  • Slide six: Will be your third and final character.
  • Slide seven: Will be your third and final historical figure.
  • Slide eight is extremely important because you will use this slide to site not only your pictorial resources but also your historical research. This will be your credit page.

Please see my sample: Historical character journal posted here.
Chains/ Historical Character Sketches

When you have completed your slides and audio please post to the Post Your Assignment page.

To make sure you have all the elements for your project check out the rubric on the rubric page.